Play & Learn with Mochi the Panda!

Mochi the Panda loves to dance and play. Travel with him around the world to play 3 fun and colorful games to keep him dancing!

Play with Mochi!

Tap Mochi to watch him dance! But if he dances too much, he'll get tired. Feed him a healthy snack to keep him going!

Matching Game

Move the object that matches what Mochi is holding to Mochi!

Spelling Game*

Move the letters to complete the words! Mochi's got a hint for you!

Memory Game*

Flip over two cards and memorize what's where to pair up all of the cards!

* Spelling and Memory Games are available only on the Full Version.

Mochi's Travels Around the World


Concept, Artwork & Design by G Labs and the Students California State Polytechnic University, California
iOS Development by Wei Chen & Cheng Zue Mun
SFX & BGM from freeSFX

About G Labs

G Labs is venture based business. We operate an alternative investment fund and also come up with brand new start-up based businesses.